Starting over

So, I am hoping to write posts a little more often than I have been doing. I haven't even posted once this year! On Friday 22-Sep, I played my first game of Splendor at lunchtime. This is a nice, quick and pretty simple card game. Our 3-player game of it took about 25 minutes. And I was 2nd, not last, even though the other 2 players had played before! It's an enjoyable filler game, the basic idea being to collect resources, which you the use to build buildings (represented by cards) Check it out at

After work on the same day, I managed to arrange a 4-player game of Cthulhu Wars. Cthulhu Wars is the jewel in my own game collection, and I have most of the expansions for it. In this particular session, 2 of the other 3 players had played once before, and the other twice before. I had played 4 times before. We had 3 of the 4 base game factions in play (Crawling Chaos, Yellow Sign, and Great Cthulhu) and I played as Sleeper, one of the playable faction expansions. I knew from reading up beforehand, that Sleeper is a bit trickier than any of the base game factions, as it really needs to hold out for the game lasting a few turns to allow Sleeper to really get going. This was reflected in the game - I did manage to earn the 2nd-most doom points, but by then only had 3 of my 6 spellbooks. That was when Crawling Chaos romped in with a decisive victory! Cthulhu Wars at boardgamegeek. I do really enjoy CW, and I know several of the others I've introduced to it like it as well. We will be playing more of it in future!

On the Friday prior to this, I was introduced to another, even quicker filler game, one that can be played at the pub as it doesn't need much space: Zombie Dice. It's a basic "push your luck" dice rolling game and is good for a few quick-play games with a beer to hand.


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