Week ending Saturday 12-January-2019

No board or card gaming done this week, but I have done a bit more organising of my Star Wars: Destiny collection.  Also been doing some PC gaming - I've re-discovered the joy of Terraria (it really is a lot of fun), and been continuing my second attempt at Borderlands (the first one), this time using a Hunter class character.  I have now found that actually, the good combat rifle I have obtained is the best weapon i have at the moment.  The special ability (a pet bird of prey that can help attack enemies) is also pretty cool!

Week ending Saturday 05-January-2019

Played a 5-player game of Sushi Go! on new Year's Eve, followed by an epic (~ 2 hours) 4-player game of Cards Against humanity, which took us right up to midnight!
Have played a bit more of Geneforge 1, Just Cause 2, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and Borderlands on PC too - completed a few more settlements in JC 2, progressed a little more in the mission I'm currently on in Splinter Cell (called Displace International), and completed a few more of the early missions in Borderlands.

Week ending Saturday 29-December-2018

Not much gaming done this past week - a bit on Creeper World 3, Just Cause 2 and Borderlands (the first one) on PC.  Did get in some Avocado Smash - a pimped-up "snap" card game - on xmas day.  lazy times the rest of the week!

Week ending Saturday 22-December-2018

Despite the level of busy I have been in the run up to Christmas, I managed to have an afternoon of boardgaming on Friday the 21st.  We first played a 3-player game of Viticulture, a game where you run a vineyard.  I won by 1 point, but the other 2 had never played it before so it doesn't really count as a victory!
After that, with the larger group who was there (from my local gaming group) we played a 6-player game of the hidden identity game called Avalon.  Myself along with the other evil player managed the win - sabotaging 3 of the 5 quests (although it went down to the 5th and final quest)
We were helped along by the good player who was Merlin, disguising themselves so well that the other players on the side of good thought the Merlin player was one of us evil characters!
I've also managed to get in some PC gaming - a bit of Just Cause 2, some time on Borderlands, and a bit further into Geneforge.

Week ending Saturday 15-December-2018

Oh well, another week skipped! I've had numerous non-gaming things going on during December.
However on the 15th, i did manage to make it to the Grantham Friendly Gamers' last gathering of the year! This one was at Ropsley Village Hall, actually a short way out of Grantham.
I took part in a small-scale (5 players total) Draft tournament of Star Wars: Destiny.  THis wasn't my morning - I lost both games of it I played! Although the second one was close (I was only 2 damage away from killing my opponent's last character)
I also had time to fit in a game of Sagrada.  Well this really wasn't my day, I thought I did OK at it but fell to last place out of 6 players!
I have also managed to do a little bit of PC gaming - a short run on Borderlands, and also on Geneforge 1

Week ending Saturday 01-December-2018

Hmm...somehow I've managed to skip a week! Not to mention this post being nearly a week late...anyway, didn't get much play during this dated week BUT I did host a 5-player boardgaming day on the 1st.  We managed a game of Lancaster (second time my copy has been played) which i managed to win, but it was close (points were, in reverse order, 53, 48, 44, 38, and 36) - It's basically a worker placement game with some extra mechanics added to make it interesting, and we got a game of Cosmic Encounter (which I was most definitely last at) - I'm not sure what to think of this one, there is a large selection of the alien cards to draw from (everyone gets one at the beginning, and each has a special ability) but in the game we played, there were 2 that seemed waaay more powerful than the others, making it feel unbalanced.
Finally, we got in 2 games of Flamme Rouge.  Flamme Rouge is a card-based boardgame about cycle racing, it's really good fun and quite quick to learn an…

Week ending Saturday 17-November-2018

Over the past week, I didn't get so much game time in as during the week before.
What i did manage was some more time in Just Cause 2 (love that title =+) - I managed to discover a few new locations, with help from the map, and even kill another one of the army boss characters.  My next step is to attempt the next Agency Mission, which I already unlocked a while ago but so far have not managed to attempt yet.
I also had a few goes at the remake of Mickey And The Castle Of Illusion, re-visiting the level I most recently completed, in order to collect more of the gems.  It took a few attempts but I did manage it in the end.  There is still a playing card in it that i haven't reached yet though.

Week ending Saturday 10-November-2018

So the past week, I played a little more of Mark of The Ninja on PC, a stealth 2D platformer.  It doesn't have a full savegame system, but does have very regular auto-save checkpoints, so it's not a chore to play.
You can use either mouse+keyboard, or controller, and i switch between these 2 methods depending on what needs doing in the current section of the level I'm on.
I also did another run of a dungeon (read: grinding) in Torchlight 2, in the area I've actually completed but not yet moved on from.  I'm just trying to get my character's level up one more point before I continue my journey in the game!
I made an attempt at making a custom track for the "flying" rollercoaster type in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.  I've got a custom park started, in a scenario that has unlimited money so i can basically build whatever I want.  It didn't go well though, not even gaining a 1 for "excitement", but being mega-intense.  So i'm going to hav…