20-Oct-2017 and 22-Oct-2017

On Friday, the 20th October, I played (my first ever) a game of Scythe. In the end it was just a 2-player game, so a nice introduction for a newbie like myself. I found it somewhat similar to Euphoria, which I own a copy of, but with added PVP combat (Euphoria does not have that)
The scoring was quite close- I ended with 70 points to my opponent's 74. It took me a few turns to get the hang of the different actions and bonuses and how it all works, together with the resources costs. I would definitely like to play this again, preferably with more players.
It's basically a worker placement game, also with an element of area control. Really, you're trying to put together an engine for generating victory points. There are a number of ways to earn victory points (just money in this game) and there are several levels of each type of scoring, that you progress up through by completing certain actions.

On Sunday 22nd, I went along to a 3-player game of Eldritch Horror. Again, this was my first time playing, although I do own my own copy of the game.
It's basically all bout card draws and dice rolls. Various items can modify the number of dice you roll for a particular type of dice roll (called "checks" such as "strength check") and a few can modify the result you need per success. This begins at 5 or 6 for all player characters. The character stats are what set the initial number of dice you roll for a particular stat check. Each player character has a different set of stats and starting equipment, as well as a special skill. There is also health and sanity, which when either reaches 0 means that's it for your character – they get placed in a specified location (where one of the remaining active characters can attempt to go to and recover the dead/mad character's posessions)
It is a long game. We played for nearly 4 hours, and didn't quite reach the end, but we did get to a point where we were certain we couldn't win.
It is a very tough game to win, or it at least felt like it is. I enjoyed it, but I'm sure some of that is down to my particular fondness for the setting, as I am a big fan of the works of H P Lovercraft!


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