29-Sep-2017: Monty Python Fluxx

On Friday 29-September this year, I was introduced to Monty Python Fluxx, a quick card game.  We played 2 games of this in the pub.  Luckily I am a bit of a fan of Monty Python stuff so i wasn't completely out of my depth!
Fluxx is a general card game engine that has a number of official, themed versions available.  The general idea is that some cards add to, change, or remove existing rules, some cards do the same but for win conditions, and then there are cards you can keep in front of you (until someone else steals them or they get moved on) and cards you can play against other players.  Monty Python Fluxx has all of these cards themed with Monty Python references.  For example, one of the rule cards says you can draw an extra card on your turn if you can sing a bit of a song from any Monty Python production.  It also says if no-one else has sung from the same song, you can draw 2 extra cards.
It''s easy to get the basics down and the game plays quite quickly, even with 5 players.  Of course, the different themed versions of Fluxx would not be so much fun for someone who doens't know/isn't interested in whatever the theme is.


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