Sunday, May 08, 2016

Just Cause 2 - A joy to play!

I am slowly playing through Just Cause 2 - I actually completed the first main story mission (the introductory one) last night. It's a joy to play, giving you bonuses for causing more mayhem. I like the way certain bits of the scenery are intended for you to destroy to get such bonuses, and that you don't have to guess which ones, as they appear in your targeting as a valid target! it's also simply fun to play. Currently I am sticking with my usual mouse-and-keyboard combo for controlling it, unlike Batman Arkham Asylum, which i find somewhat easier using an Xbox360 controller than mouse-and-keyboard.

Saturday 23-April-2016: Gaming session with 3 colleagues

A different guy from our bi-monthly (mostly) gaming group was unable to make it to the latest Saturday. We played: Pandemic - it took 1.5 hours. This was our first time playing it, the 4 roles we drew were Quarantine Specialist (me), Researcher, Scientist and Contingency Planner. We managed to win (all 4 diseases cured) despite an unlucky start (a large infection of blue) but there was just 1 card left in the draw pile, so it went right to the wire. Next, we played a quick (about an hour) game of Camel Up, which is a fast-playing betting game, where you bet on a camel race. The race is split into a number of rounds, and the objective is to end with the most money. One of us kept betting on the overall loser, so ended up not doing very well. The finishing scores were - the winner had 36, then 2 of us had 25, and finally the last of us had only 12. Then we played 2 simultaneous 2-player games of a card game one of the guys is developing. I can't provide the details here yet, but it was fun to play and we found no game-breaking features in it. Lastly, we played a game of Zombicide: Prison Outbreak, that took about 1.75 hours. This time we played mission...4 i think it was, and we managed to complete it without anyone being turned into a zombie! it was quite close at the end though.