Friday, August 12, 2016

Saturday 30-July-2016: The last of the monthly FANGcons

I only got to play 3 games this time around. The monster was Posthuman, the first game I played. There were 4 of us, and it took 3.5 hours. I actually have the game myself (I backed it on Kickstarter) but it wasn't my copy we played. As you might guess from the playing time, it's quite a heavyweight game. It's basically an RPG with board and card elements. One thing we did find is that it seems very difficult for anyone to manage to reach the target area (Sanctuary). In our game, i was the sole survivor but, having retreated to my starting base to "lick my wounds", we realised I was going to end up mutated as soon as I left that safe area! I did enjoy it despite this, but it's certainly not for everyone.
Next, the same 4 of us played Above And Below. This was not such a herculean effort, only taking us about 2 hours to finish. It's basically a worker-placement-type game, but it has an interesting mechanic for one of the actions you can take - "explore" caves. You draw a card, roll a dice and check which entry in the story book to use for the encounter - one of the other players reads the short story-like description from the book, and gives you the options of how you want to react. This can then lead to a further, extra encounter, or (mostly) the end result, where you either gain stuff (such as resources and/or gold) or not, if you were unlucky in your choice of reaction. It was enjoyable enough, although we found that, for the cost of workers it takes, the cave exploration rarely provides the best payoff. I'm not particularly interested to play this one again.
Lastly, again the same 4 of us, we played Temporum. I actually had to leave before we managed to finish the game. I enjoyed this one, the mechanics are quite simple to take in, and you have to really try and second-guess what other players will do on their turn, when figuring out your best move. Boardgamegeek describes it fine, it really isn't complicated, but is good fun certainly with 4 players as it's often the case that your plans have to be changed by the time it's your next turn. I would like to play this one again, but I'm not sure I would buy it.

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