Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ludorati session... 4? or 5

Last Monday (11-July) was my latest gaming session at Nottingham boardgame cafe Ludorati There were 4 of us, and we managed to get in 2 games of Seven Wonders. I've played this excellent card game several times before. There's enough complexity to it that there are multiple ways you can build your strategy, and of course change it on the fly depending on what cards are getting passed around and what cards other players are building. It uses a drafting mechanic that's easy to understand as you simply play your chosen card on each drafting round, until everyone has played 6 cards. In the first game from Monday's session, i came joint 2nd (3rd? I'm not sure which is the correct way to put it), although the winner didn't have a lot more points than us. The second game, I only came second instead of first as the other player who got the same amount of victory points, had more money. Mind you, I had a far stronger military! I noticed a couple of interesting things about these 2 games we played: 1) Both of them resulted in each of use specialising in different types of buildings - there wasn't much competition between us as far as building types went 2) The way we all played it, we focused on trying to build the buildings we wanted, as opposed to trying to stop any of the other players from building the buildings they wanted I'd also like to note, that for the 2nd game, we played using the more difficult sides of our Wonder boards.

7 Wonders Board Game

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