Friday, July 22, 2016

Ludorati - Monday 18th July - Sheriff Of Nottingham

So last Monday was the latest session at the Ludorati Boardgames cafe in Nottingham, by myself and several colleagues. This time, we opted for a game of the bluffing card game Sheriff Of Nottingham. There are 4 types of produce cards, plus a variety of "contraband" cards - some of which double up as multi-produce cards (e.g. "counts as 3 bread" The 4 types of produce are: Apples, Chickens, Cheese, and Bread. Each round, one person plays the part of the sheriff (everyone gets 2 goes at this, taking it in turns), and the others have to submit 1-5 of their hand of 6 cards, in their own little pouch, and then make a declaration of what they have put in the pouch. You can only declare one type of produce though, so the idea is to try and sneak through other cards, of different produce types or contraband. But if the current sheriff chooses to check your bag, you have to pay them a penalty that depends on the value of any cards you have submitted that are not of the type you declared. However if you have been honest and the sheriff still checks your cards, then the sheriff has to pay you instead. With four of us, no-one managed to get through more than 2 contraband cards i think. And i won, in then end quite comfortably, despite bluffing the least amount of times. 2 of my fellow players were battling over getting the most apples - if you get the most, or second-most, of any of the four produce types you get a bonus - which enabled me to "sneak up" and claim both the most Cheese cards *and* the most Bread cards, gaining me a nice bonus of 30 coins in total. And I did manage to get through 2 items of contraband. It was enjoyable, but I can see how replayability is limited. It's not one I would consider buying.

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