Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tuesday 16-February-2016: Bingham Boardgames Group

Tuesday 16th Feb was the most recent meetup of our small, Bingham-based boardgaming group. Once again - for the third time in a row - I brought Settlers Of Catan (the original version, back when it was still called Settlers Of Catan), along with the 5-6 player expansion. This was after the success of the previous 2 meetups, but this time we used both a randomised island, and the robber. Once again, I didn't win. It took us about 1.25-1.5 hours, similar to the second game of Catan we played. We did realise near the end of the game, that we had not been using one of the (quite important) rules, relating to where a settlement can be built. The rule is, you can only build a settlement on a hex corner where both the adjacent corners are not built on. This would make placing settlements much more challenging (with 6 players, anyway) and probably result in a somewhat longer game.

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