Saturday, January 09, 2016

Boardgame - Reef Encounter - first impressions

I actually bought this game a couple of months ago, after several attempts (both on BGG and on ebay) - it's not always easy to find for sale! I can't remember how I first heard, or read of it, but anyway... (Boardgame geek entry for Reef Encounter) So, until today all i had done with it was check all the components are present and correct (which they are). So today i actually got it out with the intention of starting a game, with my eldest niece. In the end, we didn't get to really start the game at all, but we did have time to both look through the rulebook. This is yet another boardgame that looks complicated initially, and takes a bit of setting up before you can get going, but there actually isn't a lot of things to remember. It's a fancy tile-placing game but with some extra play mechanisms to make it interesting. Basically it involves placing coral polyp tiles in order to grow the several different colours of coral reefs. There are tiles that determine which colours of coral are strong enough to be able to "consume" which other colours of coral, and in addition to this, each player has several shrimp tokens that can be placed and moved on the coral reefs in order to protect coral polyp tiles from any consumption, by both other colour corals and Parrot Fish. Judging by the rules, I think play will be quite ruthless, as you try to maximise your points and restrict the other player/s. Aside from growing the different coloured coral reefs, you also have to get your Parrot Fish to consume as much coral polyp tiles as possible, and carefully plan placement and movement of your shrimp pieces, which protect coral polyp tiles from both other coral polyps and all of the Parrot Fish. I look forward to actually getting a game in at some point.

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